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January, 17

New Add and edit .arb strings from UI. Update your source file via Content > Strings > Add Srtings.

January, 14

New CLI 3.7.5, 3.7.6, 3.7.7

New Ruby API Client 1.1.1

January, 13

New New app: Terms. With this app, translators can find terms from term search right from the editor and work faster without switching tabs.

New New app: for Managers. Post translation jobs and hire freelancers from without leaving their localization project.

New We made Serbian Latin available for the Google Translate MT app.

New Localization Manager as a Service: Hire a Virtual Localization Manager to handle the role of your localization lead. The manager works remotely and has a flexible schedule depending on your localization project.

January, 11

New Java API Client 1.3.17

January, 10

New .NET API Client 2.3.0

New Crowdin Language Services: Hire professionals to translate your content. We will handle translations while you focus on developing new features and creating content. To order translations, go to the project page > Tasks > Create Task > Type > Translate by vendor > Crowdin Language Services.

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